New Blog: Important Non-Verbal Communications Cues To KnowBy: A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning class.

Although, it may not seem like it. How you physically present yourself can have a drastic effect on people’s perceptions of you. By correcting and learning about nonverbal communication you will learn how to be a sophisticated and respectful person. According to the APA Dictionary of Psychology, Non-Verbal Communication is the practice of communicating information or ideas without using words. Through facial expressions, gestures, body language, tone of voice, and other bodily cues such as attitude and mood.

Nonverbal communication is just or even more important than verbal communication. These are the important nonverbal communication cues to keep in mind when conducting an interview, meeting new people, or simply demonstrating you are a sophisticated and respectful person.

Facial Gestures and Expressions

Through facial expressions, people determine who you are as a person. Now, what does that mean? To put it simply, say you meet someone new. Who are you most likely to approach? Someone who looks upset and mad or someone who smiles and looks genuinely happy. You’re most likely to approach someone who looks happy and is smiling. That is why facial gestures are so important as it tells a lot about a person. From being nervous to confident, how you choose to express yourself with facial gestures plays a huge role in many factors and scenarios.

Body language

When speaking to someone you want to be respectful. And body language plays a large role in how you demonstrate yourself to others. When meeting someone keeps these things in mind. Have good eye contact. That doesn’t mean staring at them the whole time throughout the whole conversation. But try to maintain eye contact but also attempt to break away from eye contact a few times. Eye contact can demonstrate that you are interested in what that person is saying and that they have your attention. Another thing is to correct posture. Having correct posture demonstrates that you are a confident individual.

A few things to avoid are slouching, fidgeting, and faking a smile. All these can be seen as a sign of disinterest and disrespect.

Surrounding space

Although a very looked form of no nonverbal communication. Being mindful of one’s personal space can go a long way. Some people can feel extremely uncomfortable if you are too close to them. As a frame of reference if you are speaking to someone one-on-one try and maintain 18inches to 4 feet. Additionally, do not touch people. Although your intentions may be pure and genuine like a friendly tap on the shoulder. Without knowing the person, always try to keep your hands to yourself. Some people have cultural or religious values that don’t tolerate physical touch.


Your appearance and how you dress appropriately for each respective situation can tell a lot about you. You would attend an interview wearing pajamas or attend a fancy dinner wearing shorts. Dressing up properly and correctly grooming yourself can be seen as a demonstration of respectfulness and confidence. Like they say “dress to impress”. Another reason why you should fix your appearance is that it helps you be confident.

These were a few important nonverbal cues to consider in everyday life. If you follow these cues, you will be seen as a respectful, sophisticated, and responsible person. These cues will help you in interviews, networking, or simply making a new friend.


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