By a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning Class

Today, we encounter a crisis that has to compete with AI. AI evolves every day and it is so excellent for jobs. Some companies introduce not human resources but new systems. For example, we can see self-checkout machines in the grocery store. Moreover, technology can simply work such as making documents and data now. According to the Oxford University report, 100 jobs will do by AI shortly. There are just a few examples but these 100 jobs include taxi drivers, grocery store clerks, security officers, and bank counters. However, NO Need to Worry. If technology evolves more, some skills not gone forever. In this blog, I told some skills that can compete with AI for you.

1. Marketing Skills

Marketing is a kind of corporate activity that includes processes such as market research, manufacturing, transportation, storage, advertising, and sales. All of the companies use this to sell products and to get large profits efficiently. This is the most important part to sell something. This needs some strategies and communication people. AI just can learn strategies too but it must need people’s activities. For example, Apple Inc. has a lot of advertisements and all of them show simple words and the benefit when people get the products. If AI learns these catchy phrases, it will be not able to make good phrases. That’s why marketing skill is one of the required skills to survive in the future.

2. Medical skills

Some jobs which engage in the medical field such as doctor, nurse, and welfare officer will not take away by AI. Because it needs consideration they have to recognize the small changes in patients. Today, AI has a few jobs in medical fields but the purpose is just for doing activities efficiently and improving the qualities. People have to engage in these fields because AI also couldn’t communicate with patients and rapid support. That’s why Medical skills are one of the top job skills in the future

3.Consulting skills

Consulting is a kind of skill that finds problems of the firm and suggests the best solutions to customers.  It needs high communication skills and management problem-solving skills. AI can’t solve this because the management field is like a variable. Most of the problems are produced by various factors. This sounds difficult but you can do this if you have unique experiences, knowledge, and skills. This is also the most recommended skill in the future.

In conclusion, people expected that AI will do most of the simple jobs instead of humans in the future. AI can input a lot of information and can output it precisely. AI also can work 24 hours, and doesn’t have to employee fees, haven’t mistaken. So, we can say AI has more spec than humans in specific fields. However, Marketing, Medical, and Consulting skills only can do by humans. Because it needs high communication skills, sensitive techniques, and connection of people. So, AI can’t do all of our jobs yet. People have to prepare for the future to compete with AI.

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