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By: Fixed211, a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning class.

CONGRATS! It’s time to resign, but how do you do that?

When it is time to finally leave your job, as tempting as it is to go out in a blaze of glory, telling everyone off, and making a big scene, it is certainly not ideal. While it may seem like a good idea, remember there are better ways to leave, especially ones that do not involve burning bridges. “Well then, how should I leave?” Luckily, there is a way to go on good terms.

Tell Your Manager First

Do not tell your coworkers before your manager/supervisor. If the information you are leaving goes through your coworkers and one of your coworkers says something, this can be very stressful and catch people off guard. Talking to your manager first leaves little room for misinformation or your soon-to-be ex-boss telling people not to hire you because of the way you went.

How to Tell Your Boss

Now that you are talking to your boss, what do you say? While it can be nerve-racking here are some things to bring up according to Tom Gerencer from Zety:

  • “Be polite.
  • Don’t burn bridges.
  • Don’t diss the company or department.
  • Pick a few things to thank them for.
  • Give them a reason that shows you must

Letter of Resignation

Give your boss your letter of resignation (your two-week notice). This letter includes today’s date (the date you are turning in the notice). Next address the letter to your supervisor. Now it is time for the body of the letter. Explain that this letter is your formal resignation and that (insert date) will be your last day. Thank the company for the opportunities they have given you. If compiled offer aid to help make the transition easier. If you have the chance to meet who replaces you, train them well (Freedman). After finishing the body sign off the letter with a formal end, ie: thank you, or sincerely, (your name). Finally, make sure to sign the actual letter if you are turning in a physical copy.

Share the News

            Now you can tell your clients and coworkers that you are leaving.

Check the Employee Handbook

            Fifth, go back over the employee handbook to see how any benefits can be broken down after leaving. Here you may find that Human Resources may want to speak to you at an exit interview. Although it sounds intimidating, know that the question is mainly about improving the company. Was there a consistent problem that was refusing to be addressed? Was it the way you were treated by your boss? Or was it simply you were ready to move on? These are the kinds of things that the human resource representative will be analyzing. Be honest about why you are leaving, be remember to be tactful and polite.

If for whatever reason, there is no other way, and you must quit immediately, still follow this guide. Simply tell your supervisor you can not continue working for x-y-z reasons and try to finish your shift.

If nothing else remember to be polite, honest, and tactful when resigning.




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