By: A.R.W., A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, As part of Heather Nelson’s service learning class

Did you know that you could complete an elevator pitch in the amount of time it takes you to wash your hands? What is an elevator pitch, you ask? It’s a brief introduction of you selling yourself to a potential employer or new contact.

We all want to make a great first impression because we only get one, but you know that. So, how do you go about creating a pitch?   Stephanie Frank, of Inc., provides us with five things to include:

  1. Describe your ideal customer. Who are your best clients or customers?
  2. Show benefits or results of the customer. What will they get more or less of when they work with you?
  3. Appeal to the need or problem of the other person. What problem do you solve?
  4. Describe the result that will be provided. What results have your clients or customers enjoyed?
  5. Make people say, “Tell Me More!”

Formulas that work:

  1. Use “more of” or “less of” statement
  2. State your title and bold results
  3. Ask a question and make an authority statement.
  4. Keep your elevator pitch to around 75 words to keep the information clear and digestible
  5. Prepare a few variations
  6. Be positive and persuasive with the limited time
  7. check how you look
  8. make eye contact
  9. aim for high energy
  10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Don’t of pitches:

  1. Do not tell people your life story or details of how you do what you this comes later
  2. Avoid wordiness
  3. Avoid jargons
  4. Talking about the problem instead of ways to solve it
  5. Not giving time for your audience to respond
  6. Don’t undersell or oversell your skills or experience.

Using these tips can help you grab your audience’s attention so the listener is not asking, “So what?”

Spark interest, be interesting, and memorable; the pitch should only last 30-60 seconds. If it’s any longer, you may lose your audience, but too short, and you could be leaving out important information.

If in doubt, remember:

P-Problem Solver (Show how you have a solution that works)

I-Inspire an action (have an end goal in mind you are leading them to)

T-Tailor it to the audience

C– Concise (be quick and to the point)

H-Heart (be passionate!)

After heeding what is listed above, you are on your way to selling yourself to success with any company or employer.

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