By Jen G., a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha , as part of Heather Nelson’s Service learning class.

Learn about the top hard and soft skills employers are seeking currently. Look through to see if these skills match up with your current experience or see if you may have to do some retraining ! Skills have changed along with the progression of technology, workforce, and simply the environment around us. Employers may be seeking for different kinds of skills such as hard skills, soft skills, or skills that may simply be a combination of both in many work environments. Many employers seek a combination of hard skills where it is specific skill knowledge and abilities and , soft skills where it is a personal trait supporting how a job function.

Think About your Current Skills
One should get to thinking about the current skills one has currently to see how this may fit for the the job one is seeking. Research the job to see what skills are needed for the role to see how one’s attributes will fit the work environment, daily tasks, and see the skills that do not match yet. Skills a have became different through out the years due to the the profession of use of technology. Jobs today face “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, where technology is fundamentally changing the way job roles are done, more training, higher pay, and create new jobs for people. Not worry for these new change since many jobs provide training on these new demanded tasks where it can build experience, gain skills, and knowledge. The use of artificial of intelligence are one of the hard skills employers are looking to help with receptive tasks, analysis, and help with tasks to become more precise. One may have to considering retraining to math the new skills employers are demanding today since they highly involve heavy technology knowledge. Do not forget about soft skills; soft skills are still highly demanded such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, creativity, and team work. Employers look for people who will receive feedback with open mindedness, showing humility, and help for a successful job environment. Employers look for creativity as well where it can be mostly targeted in management and leadership roles. This also combines with problem solving in jobs where employers demand for innovation and solutions where the company may face and need someone to present different ideas to improve the current state of the issue. We will look the through the many skills that the match with the hard and soft skills that employers are currently demanding. We will deep dive into the skills that you evaluate to see if you need up skilling and retraining for.

Check out the skills you have in your resume to see if it matches the demand of the current wants of what employers are seeking. Having these skills included in one’s resume may help employers take one into account for the job position, be successful in the current job role, and to help grow from the current skills one has. Find the general skills jobs are looking for to compare the skills you currently have to help with growth, finding the job that best fits you, and your needs.


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