By: Elsa Ramirez | A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning Class.

We are currently living in a time where everyone has an online presence of some sort. These online platforms, whether it’s a social media account, website, digital portfolio, blog article etc., have slowly become a useful tool in the job market. This tool is known as personal branding, a process by which one creates their identity as an individual or business. Personal branding is often used to help control one’s own narrative and introduce themselves in the best light possible to the world. This tool is helpful when applying for jobs and setting up interviews in the job market. So, you might be asking, why is this important? Well, a successful personal brand can create a constituent impression that allows one to achieve both their personal and professional goals. However, there are steps that can be useful in building that successful brand.

First, your personal brand should be a true reflection of who you are including, your skill set and personal values. So, keep in mind that you get to select which one you want to showcase to the world. Second, although there are many different categories of personal branding, six “personas” stand out, according to an article from New York Times discussing the psychology behind content sharing. These six personas are altruists, careerists, hipsters, boomerangs, connectors and selectives. Identifying which one resonates with you best can help you get started in building your personal brand.


  1. Altruist

The altruist personal brand reflects individuals who are highly recognized for their efforts and dedication to help others. They are mindful and dedicate themselves to serving those around them and building their personal relationships.

  1. Careerists

The careerist personal brand often reflects individuals who have shown interest for professional advancement. They are often very dedicated to this and will do anything to be successful in their field.

  1. Hipsters

The Hipster personal brand reflects modern hipsters, young millennials. They are individuals who eschew from mainstream trends and enjoy sharing with others. They can adopt aspects of both altruism and careerism.

  1. Boomerangs

The boomerang brand type mirrors individuals who share content with the intention to create discord on controversial topics.

  1. Connectors

The connector personal brand are individuals who pride themselves in their capabilities of uniting people. They enjoy networking and are very creative, finding validation and satisfaction through others.

  1. Selectives

Finally, Selectives are individuals that only share information with specific individuals. They are often seen as valuing exclusivity and being resourceful.


Once you’ve identified which of these personas you will want to portray to the world you will have to keep in mind the consistency you’ll have to keep on every platform. Consistency isn’t just a “step” of branding so much as a credo to live by. Since your personal brand reflects who you are, it makes it easier to maintain that consistency.


Now that you have researched the different personas of personal branding, it is time to research yourself! What are you posting online and how are you portraying yourself on social media platforms? Aiming for that consistency will allow your authenticity to go without question. It will also allow you to create consistent designs and assets for your personal brand. Some of these items include:

  • Company logo (if applicable)
  • Your personal brand’s color palette
  • Your personal brand’s choice of font
  • Website layout
  • Social media account deliverables (profile pictures, banner images, etc)
  • Physical deliverables (business cards, portfolios, letterhead, etc)

All these are assets that help build your personal brand and after you have finalized these you can begin displaying them out to the world! Always keeping in mind to remain true, authentic, consistent, and compelling!


Personal Brand Guide for Creatives

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