There’s a new effort to restore the historic Bryant Resource Center building and turn it into a community hub in north Omaha.

Omaha Skills Connection and the Bryant Resource Center are leading the efforts. The building stood empty for the last few years on Grant Street and the two organizations see its potential.

They want to create a safe space for families to gather and receive resources. Omaha Skills Connection would offer its career readiness services, and other things like athletics and access to technology would also be available.

The Chair of the Bryant Resource Center Board, Diana Vogt, said the building is a great resource just sitting there.

“There’s been no place for the community to gather [in north Omaha], no place to have meetings, no place to have as a central point of access for any kind of services or even things like register to vote,” Vogt said.

Michella Blankman, the Executive Director of OSC, said the building also has a long history.

It was built in 1928.