By: Kathia Dimas

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been felt in every aspect of life. It has changed the way in which we do basically everything, including the way that businesses are run. Because of this, employees should be aware of the changing conditions of the industry due to the pandemic. Omaha Skills Connection aims to prepare future employees by giving them access to the skills that they will need upon entering the workforce. Members of the workforce must be able to adapt to the new trends within the business world. Some of the biggest changes since the onset of the pandemic include the way in which businesses run, and the manners in which employees are being asked to work.  

One of the biggest changes within the business industry is the normalization of remote and hybrid work. During the beginning stages of the pandemic, many workers were sent home to work. While initially it may have been hard to adapt to not working in person, companies quickly realized the many benefits of remote work. Not only does remote work cut down on the cost of renting expensive office spaces, but it also allows workers to work from anywhere in the world. Employees must be ready to work from home and need to understand how to stay productive in different kinds of environments. This can be challenging to do, but many resources exist in order to make it possible. It requires self-discipline and determination, but it is possible to achieve.  

The pandemic has also led to widespread implementation of new technological advancements. It has changed how we do almost everything, from doctors’ appointments to menus at restaurants, to the ways that we shop. This is especially true for the business world. Although there was a learning curve at first, workers and businesses alike quickly altered the ways in which they worked. New, more efficient ways of working were put into place. This is something that is here to stay, and something that potential employees will need to be aware of. Now more than ever, the importance of technology is something that will be necessary when it comes to being hirable. Employees should be aware of this and should be learning the basics of how to operate basic online software.  

Another major change to the business world as a result of the pandemic is that the ways in which coworkers interact and collaborate with each other look different. Before the pandemic, it was more common to see a team work together and meet in person for all their meetings. Now, it is not uncommon to see a mixture of in person and remote coworkers during one meeting. Employees must be flexible with these accommodations and must be able to interact and work with each other despite not all being in the same room.  

The pandemic reminded everyone about the importance of wellness, something that is vital to the success and productivity of employees. There is now a bigger importance placed on ensuring that workers have all of their basic needs met- social, emotional, and physical. It is without a doubt something that can be helpful to the lives of employees and can help reduce turnover rates for businesses. One example of this is wellness programs within companies. These help to promote the wellbeing of employees, which in turn, will create more productive workers.  

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the business industry has been significantly altered. In order to be successful in this new era, businesses and employees need to be flexible and willing to adapt.  

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Omaha Skills Connection is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Omaha, Nebraska established as a result of the post pandemic era to help bridge the skills gap between education, technology and today’s workforce. Omaha needs an educated, flexible and dynamic workforce in today’s knowledge-based economy. OSC connects talent to opportunity, modernizing employee development for today’s workforce.