By: Aung Mya, A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service learning project.



Have you ever considered the importance of your career and how it can be positively influenced by the current job trend? The current unemployment status in the United States is low, and because of this, there will be more opportunities for higher positions available due to the development of effective automation.

Omaha Skill Connections

Employers want to open up jobs that have hard skill requirements. One example is, because of the increase in automation, companies are hiring more individuals who have a background focus on technology. Omaha Skill Connection is a non-profit organization created after the pandemic to help others develop the skills needed to work in today’s workforce. This company not only helps others improve their hard skills in technology but also with educating everyone in financial literacy, community service, and assisting with career coaching.

Information Technology and Healthcare

With the growing demand for Jobs such as the Information Technology and Healthcare field having an increase of 20%, you have many options you can pursue. Even if information technology has been popular for a while, people are still needed. Employers are constantly searching for prospective seekers with desirable new talents that can be learned with effort due to the industry’s constant evolution.

Similar things could be said for Healthcare jobs. We, humans, are always going to get injured and grow old. We will never run out of patience to treat or help. This could relate to technologies as well. As we make more technological advances, the health system grows and we will end up needing more people to support it.


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