Digital Skills for workplace

There are many customized digital skills needed to carry out business in every organization, but there are some essential skills that are increasingly required in almost every job:

  • Email and instant messaging
  • Word processing
  • Social media for business
  • Web-based research and problem solving
  • Data entry and handling

The Benefit of Digital Skills for Employees

These days, the digital skills required in the workplace are essential and more advanced. Businesses expect all employees to have them. Our lives revolve around technology and our dependence on the internet and digital skills increased many times. Employees must keep up with the evolving skill demand.

The workforce will also reap huge benefits by going to a digital work environment. The first and foremost, it will make employees useful for businesses with a modern working style. This will empower them, help their career growth and job security. Many traditional jobs are increasingly being replaced with automation software, but this gives an opportunity to the workforce to learn new technology/automation skills to increase productivity. Automation software does not replace humans; it increases the productivity of the workforce, because it still must be controlled and operated by humans.  Also, a digitally skilled workforce often results in higher salary levels, as well as increased job security, career growth and financial freedom.

A few employees will be able to adapt easily in digital environment and learn fast digital tools and platforms, while many need to be educated and trained more thoroughly. Employees should be comfortable with basic digital work and gradually train to be prepared for the future.

Essential digital skills are a step towards leaning lots of new things, new opening to employee’s career in emerging technology. Improving self confidence in employees to use technology for work and keeping employees aware of business process. Digital skills allow employees to save money and time with higher productivity.

Unlimited scope of digital skills are affecting every individual and industry

Nebraska , The “Cornhusker State” prides itself on its corn production. Corn is the most widely grown crop in Nebraska and has a variety of uses, from feeding livestock and poultry, to producing ethanol, distillers’ grains and even bio-plastics. Farmers are now using sensors and information technology to automate, monitor and GPS pivot irrigation systems to become more profitable and efficient.

Food delivery apps now help restaurant to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Restaurant employees managing orders and payments through digital devices.

Real estate used to do business face to face and newspapers advertisements now dependent on digital skills. Virtual walk-through giving customers to see many properties in a few minutes without driving in person. DocuSign is a quick and convenient way to finalize an agreement.

How to develop or Improve Digital skills

America is the most advanced country in the world but still many Americans lack digital skills. To learn digital skills these days, some effective methods are followings:

Self-Learning: First start with internet browsing and spend sometime online to read contents of digital skills. Internet is like a library to explore the whole world and extract the information.

Free Online Course: Nowadays, everything has gone digital, even the learning too. These top websites are providing free programs and courses to develop your digital skill.

1.HubSpot Academy – Homepage

2.Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

3.LinkedIn Learning: Online Courses for Creative, Technology, Business Skills

4.Alison | Free Online Learning with Certificate & Diploma Courses