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Our clothes are how we express ourselves. When it comes to a job interview it can be difficult to find a great outfit that will express who you are and that will fit the company dress code. You may not care how you look all the time, but it is important to your future employer that you represent yourself in professional manner. The first impression you give off when you meet someone begins with your attire. Your future employer will want their customers to interact with employees who are dressed professionally and that represent their company well.

Where To Start

You may ask where to begin to find something to wear that is comfortable for myself and my employer. Stores like Banana Republic, Express and White House Black Market are a great place to start. These stores have many options for casual and formal business wear. Some are more expensive than the others, but the investment is worth it for your future career.

Tips and Tricks

Some staples that are good for women include, dresses, skirts, blouses, pantsuits, and blazers. Staples for men include dress shirts, dress pants, ties, suits & belts. Another tip is to match your socks to your pants and your shoes to your belt. This creates a more cohesive put together look. It gives the impression you took time and thought to put your outfit together and that will reflect in your work as well. It is important to be sure that you can mix and match these things to create versatility in your wardrobe to represent yourself well. If you aren’t very comfortable dressing business formal or casual yet, try things on, see how you feel in them. Asking for help from retail specialists who are knowledgeable can be helpful as well. Most retail specialists will be able to help you find comfortable and appropriate options for your body size and profession.


If you are a more visual learner, you can get some ideas for job interview outfits in the links provided to YouTube videos that are very helpful.

Here are the links to Kim Le & CNBC Make It:

Overdress For Success

Through research and personal experience, dressing for the position above you the one you are applying for gives the right impression. Being overdressed is preferred to being underdressed. It shows your future employer that you are capable of presenting yourself professionally. When you go to an interview looking and feeling good it benefits your performance in the interview. Your future employer will feel comfortable hiring you if you represent yourself professionally. Finding a way to make your interview outfit comfortable for you will benefit you because you will be able to focus on your qualifications rather than worrying about how uncomfortable your clothing is. Ultimately, it is important to dress with the intention of being an asset to your future employer. It may seem like a small thing, but first impressions do matter. You are not promoting yourself beneficially by showing up to an interview in a wrinkled shirt or a hoodie and jeans. It might be beneficial to research your company’s dress code and base your outfit off of that and standard business casual/formal rules.


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