By: Peter Martin, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning class.

Proofreading online and written communication to avoid errors is truly integral to the marketing and business world because communication is the most important thing in business and especially marketing. Marketing is about communicating with an audience to explain to them why they should purchase a product or use a service. This is considerably easier to do when there are no errors in your message leading to easier access to necessary information for the consumer to locate and use or purchase your product. Most consumers will give up after a little bit of searching if it is not clear what your product is or where you can locate it.

Communication can take the form of an ad on a computer or tv which can be very expensive to use so it is extremely important that you do not waste your time and money airing an ad that is difficult to understand or has errors in it. Aside from that, consumers see billboards all day driving down busy roads and highways. If your billboard ad is even a little too complicated to understand a consumer is going to move right along because it does not affect them. There are also other billboards that while they may not be selling your type of product specifically they should still be considered a competitor because they are competing with you for the attention of the public and the consumer. On top of clear communication for investors you have to have your paperwork and books straight in the event of an audit by professional accountants so that you are not investigated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Proofreading communications is also important because businesses need to have a constant uninterrupted flow of information on how they are doing, important upcoming calendar dates, and much more. Without fluid information it makes it very difficult for a business to grow because they cannot market themselves and their product to not only consumers, but investors looking to put money into their company or business to assist in its climb up the capitalist ladder. This is very important as most businesses that are very successful are or end up going public so as to allow investors to move that company’s stock on wall street and make the company more valuable to the public eye. This will greatly help your business in securing support and funding to continue operations as it is very hard to support a business on your own.

Clear communication is important because in business you will be signing contracts and deals and orders and you can be exploited if there are errors in your paperwork. This is incredibly important as errors can leave you high and dry on deals as well as leave you liable in the event of accidents and areas of responsibility.

Overall I think that this post shows how important clear communication can be and that doesn’t mean talking to your co-worker one desk over. Communication in business involves everyone from your base worker to your management, their management, and all the people on the way up the corporate ladder.