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Our Featured Services:

Literacy Workshops

Omaha Skills Connection is committed to serving participants who wish to polish their basic academic skills such as reading, writing and construction math. 

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy focuses on concepts needed to manage money and build wealth, depending on an individual’s situation. It may mean learning how to create and manage a household budget, learning how to invest money for retirement, or participating in one-on-one coaching and counseling.  The overall strategy is to increase economic security for participants. 

Career Development

Omaha Skills Connection career readiness program provide skills that are transferable to any career pathway, these real world skills include:

  • Applied Academic Skills: English, Construction Math, Basic Literacy
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Problem Solving, Organization & Planning
  • Personal Finances:  Money Management, Credit Score, Financial Goals
  • Interpersonal Skills: Leadership, Teamwork & Negotiation
  • Building Social Capital: Networking and Mentoring Opportunities
  • Technology Use: Computer Literacy Skills Development 

Youth Mentoring

Crown Academy’s youth mentoring program is an educational initiative that provides low-income youth with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to succeed designed to address the achievement gap for low-income students in STEAM fields, which has been identified as a critical issue facing communities in North Omaha.

Basic Computer Training

In today’s workforce, virtually all job functions require   employees know how to use computers and the Internet. From a construction site to a medical office professionals of all kinds are supported in their work by computers.

Career Exploration

Whether you’re looking to switch jobs, change fields, or transform your whole career outlook, a career coach can help you make the transition with ease.